Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman
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Mummy's note: Pecan's countdown

The past few months hasn't been great for us.
As you might know by now (especially if you follow us on social media), our favourite old lady is dying. She was diagnosed with Grade C Heart Murmur last year, the week before Christmas.
In simpler terms, her heart is failing.
I hate to admit this, but the countdown has started.

Sherman turns 2!

The baby of the Loo Lim Household turned TWO on 20th July!
#babybutheisthebiggestinsizela #babygiant

Our Ohpopdog shoot - Part TWO!

It took Mummy a long while (erm, about three months) to realise that she actually did not share the group shots from our Ohpopdog shoot with Pecan!
#goodjob #comeIclapforyou

The Loo Lim family!
From tallest to shortest! 
Interestingly, the tallest is the youngest (Sherman turns TWO this year) and the shortest is the oldest (Ah ma is 16!).
#dontjudgeabookbyitscover #shermanisanoversizedjrt #orratherheisabear
Though we wanted Pecan to be the star of the shoot, it turned out that the show-snatcher was... 
stupid SHELLY LOO.

Check out her goofy expressions!
Pecan didn't seem to happy to be stuck in the box with Shelly.
What stupid expression is this ah?
AND why do the young punks seemed more tired than the seniors?
And this! 
Still, Mummy loved every shot taken!
But again of course la, I mean we really are a good looking family!
Thanks G and Zee once again for the amazing pics!

A "FLooF" Christmas!

Christmas came early for us this year!
Because the amazing peeps at FLOOF SG sent us a FLOOF Christmas hamper! 
#wearesoloved #hengallsantadidnotseeallthemischiefwedidthisyear #wearelookingatyousherman

Ey Sherman, what's with your stupid expression?

Our little 'old' superstar - Pecan Woods

Old is really gold.
And we wanted to capture every moment of Pecan's 'old-ness'.
Mummy decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate Pecan's 15 years! It was a no brainer for us when we chose which photographer to use. Cos the photographer + assistant are some of hers and ours favourite people around - the amazing people behind Ohpopdog!

Just look that this.
How can you not go Awwwww?
"Oh my ah mama~" (that's like Mummy's chant when she looked through this)

Singapaw-rean food!

Our parents are proud Singaporeans and this little red dot is where we call home now.
But, do you know that we are from all over the world?
I'm from NYC (Yap, call me Uncle Sam), Pecan's from down under (She's Aussie) and Sherman and Shelly are Russians.
The only true-blue Singapaw-rean in our crew is running free up there over some rainbow. 

To help us fit in (cos not many doggos can understand our accents), our parents will make use of all opportunities to get us accustomed to the local culture.
And this is why our Mummy went cray-cray when she saw the local food inspired dog toys!
#abittoocraycray #sheboughtallthevarieties #siaoone #excusetospendmummy

We're proud to introduce you to our very local Singapaw-rean food!
What a spread~~
Pardon our backdrop, Mummy's trying hard to make it feel like we are having a picnic. 
#butnotenoughmaterial #sojustmakedok

Hi Shelly

Gosh, this post actually took Mummy almost ONE year to write. 
Seriously. Can be more biased anot. 
#fourthchildsyndrome #poorshelly #abitsadbuttoobad
So, yap, as most of you should already know by now, the Loo Lim family gained another sibling last September. (Like in 2017, it's ALREADY SEP 2018)
Say hi to Shelly Blackwood!