Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sam tested: QuickGrab

We've reviewed treats and services, but certainly not poop bags.
Hence, when Auntie Sue Ann dropped Mummy an email about reviewing QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags, she just couldn't say no!
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I guess it's always fun to try something different out.
As a pup, I used to have a habit of eating poop. 
Not my own poop, but other dog's. 
And I loved mine fresh out of the 'oven'.
I actually ran to a pooping Doberman and stood behind his butt to catch the fresh bake that was coming out of the 'tap'.
#mummywasscreamingherlungsoffwhenthathappened #thiswasthereasonwhymyparentsdontletmelicktheirfaces
Of course, Mummy wasn't impressed a bit. Plus, she even earned the title of poop picker by her friends as the first thing she would do when she entered any dog runs was to pick up lying piles.
I guess this was when she developed a preference for good poop bags and is really particular about them.
She used to use Dogs on Board poop bags and recently switched to Earth Rated Poop Bags.
Like me, they are flown from America and are of really good quality.
#mypoopbagscostmorethanmytreatsleh #mummyisamazonshopaholic
While Mummy was initially a little skeptical about the QuickGrab bags, she decided to give it a try anyway.

Time to put it to the test.

As much as we would like to show you the actual test, we know that not everyone is as excited about sniffing seeing poop as we are.
Just to be reader-friendly, we decided to do a re-enactment.

It starts with the pooping act.
Ah ma super pleased with herself.
#ahmaisfullofshit #sofunkythatherpoopisorange 
"Mummy! I stepped on poop! My paw is stinky!"
#wheregotpeoplesohappyaftersteppingonpoopone #samisashittyactor #punintended
Must be considerate and pick up the poop!
PS: Please Please Please pick up after your dog.
We really ain't fond of the grumpy Mummy when she steps on poop. 
Plus, her favourite footwear is..Havaianas.
So we whipped out a QuickGrab bag to scoop up the poop, tie the handles together 
and viola~ we're done.
Our Verdict:
To her surprise, the QuickGrab bags didn't disappoint.
Although they are significantly thinner than our usual bags, Mummy never ended up with any poop smell on her hand. The fragrance certainly did a great job in masking the stinky poop too.
We're half way through the bag of 100 and not a single one has failed Mummy yet.
They are of a good size and can comfortably fit the poop of a large dog.
#cheapomummyactuallyusesonebagtopickupbothofourpoop #shetiesanduntiesthebaglor #sogrosscan
Pecan ah ma can even fit Shoo the FuzzYard housefly into it!
It is definitely bang for your buck man!
It's only $5.80 for 100 bags.
Best of all, the bags are naturally degradable, thus are environmentally friendly!

Mummy's only dissatisfaction is that it doesn't come in a roll. 
Being the forgetful woman she is, she is better off with a poop bag dispenser that holds a roll of 20 than to tie a bag everytime we head out.
#shehasusedleavestopickuppoopbeforelor #canbemorefailanot

Oh, in case you were wondering what to my poop eating:
Mummy actually spoke to a vet about it (worried that I might be suffering from some nutritional deficit). And his reply was..."It's a hobby."
Needless to say, she wasn't too impressed.
But thankfully, the hobby turned dry and I eventually dropped it.
Now, I no longer eat poop, I just poop poop. 
And a lot of them.
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