Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman


Mummy did something really awesome for us for my birthday this year!!
For once, the planning started early! 
A week before the big day, she sent this lovely photo to the very awesome Pawlicious Pet Bakery!
We had no idea what was baking until Mummy came home with this surprise...

How precious is this?!
This is no doubt the best cake ever, especially since my last three cakes were blah! 
(I actually had an ugly pink one for my second birthday cos she was so last minute. Like seriously~ )
Mummy chose beef as the flavour of the cake and also paid a little more for the lovely bone biscuits around it.
Of course we were over the moon!
How not to when the figurines are such close resemblance!

Pecan with lil'pecan!
Hehe, I think the figurine flatters her a fair bit. Maybe that's how she looked as a pup.
Sam with lil'Sam!
Kudos for making me so slim! Somemore same size as Pecan ah ma. 
Ho ho ho....
The only thing that sucks was that the figurines looked so much whiter than us. 
I looked yellow beside it! Boooo..this I blame mummy. -_-
Too bad for Mummy, all things, pretty or not, have to come to an end (where the end pt is my little tummy. Wahahahaha).
Mummy nearly didn't wanna cut the cake and was asking Daddy if she could just freeze the beautiful cake in the fridge forever. (Yeah, she's nuts)
Thankfully, Daddy just rolled his eyes and ignored her. 
*wriggly dance*

Where got birthday dogs have to wait to eat one?
Of course we showed our displeasure.
And for once, Mummy decided that we should have the final say. 
without waiting for 101 photos before getting the right shot, we got straight to chowing down the cake!
And then, there was none.
With such a wonderful and delicious cake, I guess it's going to be tough for Mummy to top it next year!

Mummy's note: We don't know when Pecan's birthday is and decided that we might as well celebrate her birthday with the Fatty. The figurines are made of fondant and can be kept as keepsake as long as they are stored in dry and cool places. Clumsy me actually broke one of Pecan's ears and thankfully it was nothing a blue-tab cannot solve. =P Anyway, Sam and Pecan loooved it and nothing makes me happier than two happy dogs!

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