Sam I am

Sam I am
Sam I am

She is Pecan

She is Pecan
She is Pecan

Hi Shelly

Hi Shelly
Hi Shelly

Oh my Sherman

Oh my Sherman
Oh my Sherman

Our family photoshoot

While our parents ain't really the phototaking/selfie kinda people, Mummy insists on a family photoshoot tradition. 
This means that with the addition of a new family member, there must be a photoshoot.
When our parents got hitched, they did one.
When they got the absolutely adorable world cutest me, we did one in NYC.
So now that we've ah ma, it's time for yet another one.
#musthurrydobeforeahmaXXX #choy

Mummy and Daddy hired Uncle Terry from One Eye Click for their pre-wedding and actual day shoot. She was so pleased with the experience that she knew instantly that she wanted Terry to photograph our future milestones. 
In fact, she was super tempted to fly him to NYC for our shoot there. Of course stingy Daddy put a stop to it.
Instead, Mummy found an amazing photographer, Auntie Melissa to do it.
But now that we're back in the little Red Dot, there was no doubt that Uncle Terry had to be the guy!

So six years and two furkids later, 
here goes...
#noneedlovela #twodogsenoughliao
Mummy was contemplating if she should include our favourite activity, swimming for the shoot. 
But since we look like rats when we are wet, she decided to axe that idea.
Instead, we settled by including our swimming toys in the shoot!
Anyone want my pawtograph??
Not salt and pepper hor.
It's Sam and Pecan.
Yap, we even had a cake smash.
The three hour photoshoot went by so quickly la.
By the end of the shoot, Pecan ah ma was so so so exhausted. 
#ahmaishamalor #nostaminasiah #shesleptforthenexttwodays

And within a week, we got mail!
Thank you Uncle Terry and Auntie Ginos for the wonderful shots.
You definitely made the most important person in our lives very happy.
#mummyhasbeengrinningforthepastfewhours #abitscaryleh #shelooksspastic

We even heard Mummy telling Uncle Terry that we'll come knocking on his door when number three arrives.
Say what?~
#notonumberthree #weareondaddy'ssideonethis

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  1. Sam and Pecan are the cutest!! I can't choose which picture I love the best; they are all perfect ♥ ^-^